Claremont Goulet Consultancy has united with the TLLPC


The TLLPC is a collaboration in life and society between Gail Ellis and Lisette Claremont-Goulet.

This collaboration has come about to inform, unite and guide society in the finer arts of how to be inclusive.

This is achieved by the TLLPC living life to the fullest and engaging with all the worlds peoples, and being highly visible.

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Claremont Goulet Consultancy is dedicated to Diversity, Equality, Equity and Inclusion.

We are working towards removing stigmas within the workplace and society by provide information, training and support in all aspects of diversity.  (Race, Sexual Preference, Gender, Gender Expression, Disability, age, etc.) 

This is an invaluable service to Businesses, Employees, Social Groups and Individuals wanting access to updated anti-discrimination laws and assistance in understanding and implementation of procedures and processes. 


Providing a unique insight into diversity by providing information sessions presented by members from the diversity community. 


Providing Employment support for the diversity community (with a focus on Transgender inclusion).

See services for more details. 


Claremont Goulet Consultancy is passionate about getting the message out 'Building strength with diversity and inclusion' .


We are dedicated to providing support to businesses, social groups and individuals to achieve this aim.

As social-minded people, Claremont Goulet are acutely aware of discrimination and harassment within the work place and society. 


We listen to people's stories and experiences of day to day harassment and discrimination. No matter what part of the diversity umbrella you come under we are here to support and educate. 

All people are equal. 

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